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Curves for Change, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing a platform through which professional fashion models 
collectively engage in philanthropic work.

Founded in 2010, Curves for Change, Inc. is a 
coalition of recognized models committed to using their careers and visibility to advocate 
for and support organizations working to empower women and girls worldwide.

Curves For Change

PO Box 1764
New York, NY 10163

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Adieu. Adiós. Au Revoir. Farewell & Thank You.


Dearest Friends, Supporters, Families, Colleagues, Donors, and Silently-Powerful Sideline Cheerleaders:

It is with a heavy heart that our management team announces the dissolution of the Curves for Change, Inc. organization, an action that is not taken lightly.

Over the past several months the Ladies Of The Board (LOTB) have collectively expressed concerns that conflicting schedules and a lack of team resources have hindered our ability to serve charitably in a timely manner.

We assure you that your contributions, commitment and our collective hard work have shaped the futures of young women and changed the lives of many women for the better.

We are very proud – really, really proud – of the camaraderie and support that C4C has spurred and hope that spark will continue to kindle empowerment of women in the future. We are honored to have worked with so many incredible people.

All funds raised have gone directly to the worthy charities we’ve supported:

C4C could not have existed without the generous contributions of:

We hope you’ve been inspired to serve, as we will all continue to do independently and with purpose. Curves For Change started as a lil’ idea that Kate Dillon and Julie Henderson dreamed up while modeling on a photoshoot, and a group of enterprising women came together to execute the dream.

Never doubt what a small group of models – humans – can do.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are humbly yours,

Bernadett Vajda and Julie Henderson
Curves for Change

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Unity is not only the act of coming together, but of our willingness to set aside our personal differences, opinions, likes and dislikes in order to stand and fight for a cause we all believe in.

Unity is the force through which obstacles are overcome, friendships are made, and limitations are exceeded.

Unity is ultimately the strength, the power and the will that can turn so many of our dreams into realities.

Board of Directors

Beauty + Brain Power = Inspired.
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The C4C mission is guided by the LOTB (Ladies of the Board) listed below.

Kate Dillon
Julie Henderson
Co-Founder, Co-President
Bernadett Vajda
Co-President, Secretary
Taylor Steel
Board Member
Chella Ferrow
Board Member
Philippa Allam
Board Member
Tinamarie Clark
Board Member
Paula Patrice
Chief Digital Officer

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Unity is coming together, despite the differences we share, to change the world.

In Rwanda, “Komera” means “be strong, have courage.”  The Komera Project is a not-for-profit organization that advances secondary education in Rwanda by providing both mentorship and financial support to girls for whom secondary education is otherwise not possible.

Komera is founded on the understanding that as girls continue their education, they improve their earning potential, their health and their sense of self-worth thereby enabling them to break the bonds of poverty.


Schoolgirls are coerced into sexual slavery by pimps posing as caring boyfriends. Women and children are sold to brothels, and threatened with violence or death if they try to escape. 

This is 21st century slavery. The Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF) is working around the world to end these atrocities through direct services for victims, survivor-driven advocacy, and outreach in strategic partnerships and use of technology, networking and social media.