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Declare Your Independence!

Fourth of July Independence Day Curves for Change

Every year, holidays roll around and we often don’t think about their origin. With all of the parties, celebrations and sales going on, the true meaning of a holiday is sometimes lost. This Independence Day we would ask that you think of those who are not as fortunate, who have nowhere near the “independence” we are lucky enough to possess.

The two organizations Curves for Change is supporting this year are, at their core, about nurturing independence in young girls. Both Somaly Mam and The Komera Project endeavor to provide the tools and the support to girls in difficult situations, enabling them to not only change their lives, but to pay it forward and change the lives of others. The ripple effect of these individual changes will be seen for generations to come and will engender change in the lives of countless girls, women and their extended circles of friends and family.

Now that is what we call true independence.

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