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Don’t Give. Invest.

“Don’t Give, Invest” is one of the eight line items in the manifesto of Many Hopes, a charity that one of our generous sponsors, Alexis Bittar, recently introduced us to.

At a fundraiser on Monday night in New York City, C4C’s board members Julie Henderson and Chella Ferrow (pictured)  met Anthony Mulongo and Thomas Keown, co-founders of Many Hopes organization and were blown away by their passion to their cause: finding, rescuing, housing and educating orphaned and abandoned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya, and dedication to equipping the girls to be future agents of change in their community.

During a short film shown at the event, you could hear a pin drop; the crowd of 300 plus was completely drawn in by these girls’ stories and the hope that Many Hopes is infusing in them. However, it was something Thomas Keown said that truly resonated with us: “As a charity, they are not going to tell you what won’t happen if you don’t donate; they are going to tell you what will happen when you do donate. They will tell you, in no uncertain terms, how your support will effect change in these girls’ lives, leading to continual and continuous change in the world.”

(L-R) Julie + Chella with Anthony Mulongo

All it takes is a coalescing of like-minded individuals coming together to make many hopes come true.

Can we change the world? Absolutely.

It may not happen overnight, but we are confident it will happen. 


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