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Training Update!

Alison Bennett runs in Dublin, Ireland

As we wrote about back in July, long-time friend of Curves for Change Ali Bennett has been training to run the New York City Marathon next month, while simultaneously raising money for C4C.  With a little over one month to go, Ali is in the throes of her training regime having completed an 18 mile training run this past weekend.

“I’ve always heard people say, ‘The training is the hard part, the marathon itself is the easy part,’” said Ali.  “Now I know what they mean.  With 18 weeks of training, it is really hard some days just to put your shoes on after a long day at work, get motivated and get out there.  But you do, and you end up feeling great, with a sense of accomplishment and loving yourself for it!”

With one month to go, Ali is about half way to her fundraising goal of $2,000.  Thank you Ali for all of the hard work and discipline you are putting into training and running the marathon.  Your dedication is truly inspiring!

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