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Women in the Military, We Salute You.

Pilot Olga Custodio

It wasn’t long ago that women were strictly the caretakers and their men went out to fight on behalf of the USA. Thanks to those very rights they fought for, women now have the opportunity to fight the same fight.

Empowering women across fields traditionally “handled” by men not only creates the opportunity but also changes the way of thinking by the new generation of young women. No longer do they grow up with a narrow list of possible career choices; the world becomes their oyster and thinking outside the box becomes the norm.

With her 3 year-old daughter and husband at her side, 26 year-old Olga Custodio told the military sergeant, “You can write down anything you want on that form, but I’m going to be a pilot, a pilot or a pilot.”

In one of many cases, Lt. Colonel Olga Custodio became the first-ever Latina U.S. Air Force military pilot. At a time when training for the US Air Force pilot program wasn’t a career pption for women, in Olga’s mind it was the only option. With unwavering determination she made it happen, paving the way for more women to follow in her footsteps.

To all the women who now fight on the front lines, in support or in spirit…. On this Memorial Day, we thank you for your service.


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