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One More Week

Alison Bennett runs in Dublin, Ireland

Next Sunday, our resident super runner Ali Bennett will be pounding the pavement, running the New York City Marathon while raising awareness and much needed funding for two amazing charities: The Komera Project and The Somaly Mam Foundation.   It’s not too late to donate to Ali’s hard work!  Thank you Ali for all you are doing, and good luck next week!

Training Update!

Alison Bennett runs in Dublin, Ireland

As we wrote about back in July, long-time friend of Curves for Change Ali Bennett has been training to run the New York City Marathon next month, while simultaneously raising money for C4C.  With a little over one month to go, Ali is in the throes of her training regime having completed an 18 mile training run this past weekend.

“I’ve always heard people say, ‘The training is the continue reading…

A Real Superhero

Maximilian Kirchner Ironman Curves for Change

Meet Maximilian Kirchner…corporate lawyer by day, Ironman by night. Ironman not in the Marvel comics sense, but a superhero nonetheless. Max will be participating in the 2012 Ironman US Championship, the first ever Ironman in New York City. While this will be his third triathlon, it will be Max’s first Ironman.

Recently, Max was speaking with one of the Curves for Change board members, and he was moved by the stories behind Somaly Mam and The Komera Project, the two sponsored charities of C4C this year. Hearing about the frightening numbers of children being sex-trafficked every year and the girls in Rwanda who continue reading…

Join us on Thursday September 13th, 2012 at 7PM in NYC to run (or WALK!) and raise money for two great organizations working to empower women and girls. All ages welcome, so this is a perfect family day in the park!  The money we raise TOGETHER will be donated to Somaly Mam Foundation and The Komera Project. Here are the details… continue reading…

We’ve Come a Long Way…

Katherine Switzer Boston Marathon

On April 19, 1966, Roberta Gibb hid in the bushes at the beginning of the Boston Marathon. After the starting gun fired, she waited until half the pack passed by, and then jumped into the race. One year later, while Katherine Switzer was running the Boston Marathon, she was confronted and physically assaulted by two officials from the race. Not because she wasn’t a registered runner, but because she was a woman. continue reading…

The Curves For Change Board Of Directors

The Curves for Change inaugural event of 2012 was held on Tuesday evening in New York City and was, in a word, amazing!  Seeing so many gathered together in support of two such deserving charities was so inspiring.  We are forever grateful for our supportive sponsors Joshua Ferguson Photography, Alex Dolce Photography, Drop of Honey caterers, and Voli Light vodka who generously participated without hesitation. continue reading…

Universal Love: Celebrating Moms

Mothers…we are them, we have them…sometimes more than one! And while many deride the annual Mother’s Day celebrations around the world as a “Hallmark holiday,” we at Curves for Change certainly do not. Every human being on this earth has a mother and these wonderful, inspiring and yes…sometimes challenging(!) women in our lives need to be celebrated not just once a year, but every day. Whether spelled Mom or Mam, love for her is universal.

continue reading…

Charity: Somaly Mam Foundation

C4C President Bernadett Vajda with Women's Rights Proponent Tina Marie Clark at the Somaly Mam event.

Somaly Mam does not know her real name. She does not know when she was born, nor who her real parents are. But she knows this: that life is love, and she has given her life to rescuing and rehabilitating victims of modern-day slavery.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Somaly Mam Foundation. You’ll be hearing more about our empowerment of their mission as the year goes on.