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Training Update!

Alison Bennett runs in Dublin, Ireland

As we wrote about back in July, long-time friend of Curves for Change Ali Bennett has been training to run the New York City Marathon next month, while simultaneously raising money for C4C.  With a little over one month to go, Ali is in the throes of her training regime having completed an 18 mile training run this past weekend.

“I’ve always heard people say, ‘The training is the continue reading…

Profiles in Courage: Women in the Olympic Games

London 2012 Olympic Games female athletes

While the true origin of the Olympic Games is subject to debate, it is widely accepted they began around 776 B.C. and featured running events, a pentathlon, boxing, wrestling, pankration, and equestrian events. Only men were allowed to participate, and because they were naked for most of the events, only married women were allowed to attend the games.

It wasn’t until the continue reading…

A Real Superhero

Maximilian Kirchner Ironman Curves for Change

Meet Maximilian Kirchner…corporate lawyer by day, Ironman by night. Ironman not in the Marvel comics sense, but a superhero nonetheless. Max will be participating in the 2012 Ironman US Championship, the first ever Ironman in New York City. While this will be his third triathlon, it will be Max’s first Ironman.

Recently, Max was speaking with one of the Curves for Change board members, and he was moved by the stories behind Somaly Mam and The Komera Project, the two sponsored charities of C4C this year. Hearing about the frightening numbers of children being sex-trafficked every year and the girls in Rwanda who continue reading…

We’ve Come a Long Way…

Katherine Switzer Boston Marathon

On April 19, 1966, Roberta Gibb hid in the bushes at the beginning of the Boston Marathon. After the starting gun fired, she waited until half the pack passed by, and then jumped into the race. One year later, while Katherine Switzer was running the Boston Marathon, she was confronted and physically assaulted by two officials from the race. Not because she wasn’t a registered runner, but because she was a woman. continue reading…

Erin Henry is a holistic health counselor, Wilhelmina Curve model and friend of Curves for Change. Her recent contributing article to the Huffington Post, Embracing Womanhood: Why I’m Still a Work In Progress, is a humble account of her journey to self acceptance, a journey that young women struggle with every day.

“The feminine part of me laid dormant inside for so many years because it was a side I associated with weakness. Women were weaker at sports, made less money and CRIED!”

Charity: Hardy Girls, Healthy Women


Hardy Girls, Healthy Women is or second choice for platform awareness in 2010. A non-profit organization whose vision is that all girls and women experience equality, safety, and independence in their everyday lives, their mission is to develop programs, provide resources and create opportunities for girls and women that empower them.

HGHW actively listens to girls’ thoughts and opinions regarding the messages they absorb from our culture and the media, supporting their needs for something that better reflects their own realities — more diverse bodies, abilities and interests.

Avenue Stores sponsored the first annual Curves for Chane 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser supporting the empowerment of Women and Girls this past summer. First place finishers received Spa packages – which they probably needed, because this was a competitive bunch!

Together men and women came together to raise money for The Komera Project and Hardy Girls Healthy Women, our two 2010 charity benefactors.  Thanks everybody for a great time and a beautiful day of positivity in Manhattan’s Central Park!

Thanks: Vitamin Water Quenches C4C Runners, Ahhh!

Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water Zero is providing their thirst quenching beverages for the first annual Curves for Change 5K. Our runners’ bodies thank you! It’s a donation that will push all C4C runners to the finish line!

Thanks: Euphoria Spa

Euphoria Spa
Ladies, throw on those sneaks and get training because Euphoria Spa in Tribeca has just donated a luxurious half-day spa package for the first place female finisher of the Curves for Change 5K! 
Whomever the lucky lady is that finishes first, you are in for a generous and much needed treat!  Thank you for providing a prize that’s guaranteed to keep us going!