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A Year of Political Firsts

Tammy Duckworth at Democratic National Convention

The election cycle for 2012 may have seemed like it went on forever, but it did bear some pretty amazing fruit.  On January 21, 2013, a record 20 female United States Senators will be sworn in, along with another record 77 female United States Congresswomen.  Incoming freshmen Senators will continue reading…

Join us on Thursday September 13th, 2012 at 7PM in NYC to run (or WALK!) and raise money for two great organizations working to empower women and girls. All ages welcome, so this is a perfect family day in the park!  The money we raise TOGETHER will be donated to Somaly Mam Foundation and The Komera Project. Here are the details… continue reading…

President Obama’s Message to Women

President Obama at Barnard College

Today in New York City, the President of the United States delivered a message to the graduating women of Barnard College.

In his Commencement speech from the grounds of Columbia University, President Obama urged the 600 women graduates to “fight for a seat at the head of the table.

 “You are now poised to make this the century when women shape not only their own destiny, but the destiny of the whole nation…”  “It’s up to you to stand up and be heard, to write, to lobby, to march, to organize, to vote,” he said.

Find your voice and UNITE!

Happy Anniversary C4C!

Just a fledgling charity founded on February 20th, 2010, Curves for Change has grown into an official non-profit with a global reach in 2012. 

As we celebrate our two year anniversary, we thank all of our sponsors and volunteers for uniting with us. Together, we empower deserving organizations, giving rise to positive changes in the world.

“Watching Curves for Change grow has been one of the most rewarding projects I have ever been a part of. I am honored to be working side by side with talented, bright, philanthropic women.” – Bernadett Vajda, President

Charity Recipients for 2012

The Board of Directors gathered for the first meeting of 2012. The most important order of business: selecting the charities that will benefit from the Curves for Change platform in 2012. With so many worthy causes out there, it was difficult, but we have narrowed the final considerations down to 5. Our due diligence process has begun, and by Spring we will announce the focus of our 2012 fundraising. 

Results: Komera Project

Komera Project is a C4C Unity recipient in 2010. Using our platform brought a voice to their cause.

From Margaret Butler, Komera Co-Founder and President:

“C4C has not only been an incredible support to the Komera Project, but also embodies our organizational beliefs: standing up for women’s rights and empowerment around the world. They are passionate women who are focused on making a positive difference – we could not have a better partner.”

Results: Hardy Girls, Healthy Women

As we look ahead to our partnerships for 2012, we reflect on the results of 2011. Thanks to everyone for uniting to help girls in 38 countries through this small organization, Hardy Girls Healthy Women

A report from Megan Williams, President at HGHW:

We’ve been so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Curves for Change. Thanks to their fundraising and outreach efforts, we’ve raised the visibility of Hardy Girls Healthy Women in New York City and with the funds donated to Hardy Girls, 22 low-income girls have participated in one of Hardy Girls’ Girls’ Coalition Groups for free where they’ve learned to trust one another and do social activism.

Charity: The Komera Project

The Komera Project is one of the Curves for Change benefactors. The project is a not-for-profit organization that advances secondary education in Rwanda by providing both mentorship and financial support to girls for whom secondary education is otherwise not possible. It is founded on the understanding that as girls continue their education, they improve their earning potential, their health and their sense of self-worth thereby enabling them to break the bonds of poverty.

The Komera Project also engages students in the US. Students can participate in achieving the Komera mission through their Run to Rwanda curriculum, an interactive program of educational materials and sponsored runs/walks.

“You will never break the cycle of poverty or disease without educating girls. It won’t happen”  -Paul Farmer, Founder, Partners in Health

Thanks: Wilhelmina Modeling Agency

Wilhelmina Models

Wilhelmina Models Agent Carrie Dolce at the C4C Fun Run Event

Wilhelmina Models agents have been very supportive of C4C since the beginning, and we couldn’t have launched without their help… so thanks! We loved having you at our 5K Fun Run!

Want to be a model? Check out the many model searches that the Wilhelmina Model Agency holds (it’s fun to see past winners, too).

Avenue Stores sponsored the first annual Curves for Chane 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser supporting the empowerment of Women and Girls this past summer. First place finishers received Spa packages – which they probably needed, because this was a competitive bunch!

Together men and women came together to raise money for The Komera Project and Hardy Girls Healthy Women, our two 2010 charity benefactors.  Thanks everybody for a great time and a beautiful day of positivity in Manhattan’s Central Park!